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Jogo Behaviour Support offers a wide range of services including casework based on a referral and consultation system and staff training on a variety of positive behaviour management skills.


Jogo Behaviour Support’s strengths lie in both the expertise of our team, but also the content of the support and training we provide.  All our team have spent their careers supporting and succeeding with children, young people and families that are experiencing issues around behaviour and wellbeing.


What you can expect from Jogo Behaviour Support:



Meet the core team


John Murray – Behaviour Support Consultant


John Murray - Behaviour Support Consultant

John has worked in and with schools for over 25 years. From his first post as an English and History Teacher in a convent school in Dublin (he just about survived!!!) to managing Northamptonshire’s Behaviour Support Service, John has a wealth of experience as a teacher and practitioner.


He has held a number of senior roles within the Local Authority and schools and is also a qualified Ofsted Inspector, but don’t hold that against him. John has built up an extensive knowledge of behaviour support principles, techniques and practices and believes in the practical application of behaviour for learning.  He has demonstrated a consistent track record of working successfully with schools, staff, the children and young people and families that they serve.


John is also an experienced trainer with an excellent reputation for designing and delivering courses that whilst providing a theoretical basis are very much rooted in the practical application of behaviour management and the techniques that support it.


As founder and Director of Jogo Behaviour Support he wants to work closely in partnership with others in developing services that are relevant to the needs of all those working with issues of behaviour.


Sonia Murray

Sonia Murray - Behaviour Support Consultant


Sonia Murray has worked in a specialist school for children with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties for the last 22 years.  She has experience of supporting children, young people and their families both in special schools and mainstream provisions.  She holds a Diploma in Social Work and is a registered Play Therapist and Supervisor. She has thirty years' experience as a practitioner in the fields of education, child abuse, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, children's mental health, childhood trauma, parenting programmes and Play Therapy.  She has support staff, other professionals, children, young people and families in all of these areas.

Sonia trains nationally and internationally on topics related to Play Therapy, understanding behaviour, play, communicating with children, behaviour management, positive parenting.  She has also contributed to a number of publications, including a chapter about the Use of Therapeutic Stories in Educational Settings in The Use of Therapeutic Stories (Dwivedi, K. N. (ed.) 1997)


Rachael Taylor - Behaviour Support Advisor


Hilary Gooding - Behaviour Support Advisor

Rachael completed her teaching degree in Birmingham in 1992 and has worked with children and young adults ever since. Over the years Rachael has taught across the student age range, from pre-schoolers to adolescents.


Rachael has worked in a wide range of mainstream and specialist settings. This has included small village schools, a special school for children with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, two large urban schools as well as a psychiatric hospital.


Rachael spent five years working for Northamptonshire County Council as a behaviour support teacher. During this period she enjoyed sharing her practical knowledge and experience of effective behaviour management techniques with local schools. Rachael provided high quality assessments, frequently using Boxall profile results to inform her work with individual pupils.


Rachael's interest in child development led to her completing a psychology degree with the Open University. She remains an active member of the British Psychological Society.


Over the years Rachael has supported many students with Statements of Special Educational Needs, tailoring support plans to meet a range of complex needs.Rachael joined Jogo Behaviour Support in 2015 as a behaviour support advisor.  As an experienced SENCo, she strives to provide insightful, practical advice and support.


Carl Henry– Education and Welfare Advisor

Carl Henry - Education and Welfare AdvisorCarl has worked with schools, children and families for the past 30 years, including experience of working in residential care.
Carl started work as an Education Welfare Officer for Northampton County Council in 1988 giving him his wealth of experience working with parents and pupils from inner city schools and Academies in an effort to raise attendance levels by enforcing the relevant statutory action, including penalty notices and court prosecutions. Court outcomes for parents have included term of imprisonment, fines, conditional discharges and community services.


In 2008 Carl was employed directly by an Academy working as their designated welfare advisor supporting the needs of children, using a holistic and personal approach. As a result of his interventions the Academy’s attendance levels rose by 2%.


Carl works independently to offer a more direct and personal service in relation to attendance/welfare concerns. Carl is particularly proud of his most recent success raising attendance levels in one school from below the national attendance to above the national attendance level in a short period of time.  This was achieved through robust early intervention and by effective statutory action.



Amy-Louise Richardson – Play Therapist (Associate Consultant)

Amy-Louise White - Play TherapistAmy-Louise is a qualified Play Therapist and is a full Member of the British Association of Play Therapists.  Amy-Louise has worked with children, young people and families for over 12 years in a variety of educational and social care settings. She has a background in Special Needs in primary, secondary and special provisions. She has mentored and provided therapeutic intervention for children through difficult experiences and times in their lives specialising in trauma, attachment, loss and separation.


Amy-Louise promotes the use of Creative and Expressive Arts in the development and discovery of the self and interpersonal relationships. She has extensive training and experience in supporting children with a range of Behavioural, Emotional and Social difficulties and has been trained to use play as a medium for understanding and communicating with children about their feelings, thoughts and behaviours.



Charlotte Atkinson – Play Therapist (Associate Consultant)


Charlotte Atkinson – Play TherapistCharlotte has worked in a range of schools, both large and small, and across the whole primary age range with a particular specialism inKey Stage One and Literacy. As a class teacher she was very aware of the challenges of meeting the needs of all pupils but it was her experiences of working with children who really struggled in the classroom that led Charlotte to look for different ways to support them, and ultimately to her career as a play therapist. 


Charlotte is a registered Play Therapist with Play Therapy UK (PTUK) and uses a child-centred approach, with particular areas of interest in Attachment Theory and trauma.  Charlotte combines her extensive teaching knowledge with her Play Therapy skills to meet the needs of the children and young people. 



Hannah Henry – Behaviour Support Advisor


Hannah HenryHannah has worked in education for the past 17 years as a secondary Physical Education teacher and held a senior role as head of department. Over the years Hannah has taught across the student age range, and more recently has worked with primary school children in her role as a school sport coordinator. Hannah has experience of working with children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and has explored and used numerous strategies and interventions through her teaching over the years.


Hannah's interest in child behaviours led her to gain the Team Teach qualification. She is very interested in continuing this with Jogo Behaviour Support and believes in the practical application of behaviour for learning and hopes to become a trainer in the near future.


Hannah has been a Governor at her own children's primary school for the past 3 years and has thoroughly enjoyed it, more recently she has been given the opportunity to Chair the quality and standards committee. She also sits on the Governor leadership team which helps to drive the governor improvement plan.


Hannah's extensive teaching knowledge combined with her reflective, positive dynamic approach will provide practical advice and support to schools.



Tanya Wates - Play Therapist (Associate Consultant)


Tanya WatesTanya is a fully qualified Play and Creative Arts Therapist and a registered member of Play Therapy UK(PTUK). She is also a trained Parent-Child Attachment Practitioner (PCAP), enabling her to work with and empowerparents to improve their relationships with their children through play.


Tanya has extensive experience working therapeutically with children in schools, with young offenders in prison and prisoners' families in the community, helping to improve and strengthen family relationships. Tanya is passionate about providing a holistic, systemic approach to improving the emotional well-being of children, and sees parents as pivotal in this process.


Tanya has experience working with children from a variety of backgrounds, in particular those involving domestic violence, familial mental health and imprisonment.



Lauren Shaw - Play Therapist (Associate Consultant)


Lauren ShawInformation coming soon...



Caroline Betts - Office Support


Caroline BettsCaroline started her career within the fashion industry working her way up to a senior production manager position within the Arcadia Group.  After 14 years living and working within London, Caroline moved up to Market Harborough to settle down and start her own family and business, now using her experience and organisation skills to provide essential office support for the Jogo Behaviour Support team.



“Here's to the kids who are different, the kids with a mischievous streak; for when they have grown as history has shown it's their difference that makes them unique”


Author: Digby Wolfe


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