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Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy

Promoting personal growth, self-expression and psychological healing through drama and theatre techniques.

What is Drama Therapy?

Dramatherapy is a form of therapy that utilises elements of drama and theatre techniques to promote personal growth, self-expression and psychological healing. It combines aspects of psychology and theatre to support individuals in exploring and resolving emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.

How does Drama Therapy work?

In dramatherapy, a trained professional known as a Dramatherapist uses various creative and dramatic methods to engage participants in therapeutic activities. These may include improvisation, role-playing, storytelling, movement, mask work, puppetry and other dramatic techniques. By actively engaging in these activities, participants can explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

The underlying principle of dramatherapy is that engaging in dramatic activities can provide a unique and powerful means of self-expression and personal exploration. Through the use of metaphor, symbolism and storytelling, individuals can tap into their imagination, creativity and unconscious processes to gain insights, develop new perspectives and work through emotional and psychological challenges.

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