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Family Support Services

Jogo Behaviour Support's family support is an integrated service that is designed to strengthen parenting practices and the healthy development of children.

About Family Support Services

At Jogo Behaviour Support, we believe the roles of parents and carers in the education of their children is essential to children and young people reaching their potential.

However we are also conscious that sometimes schools, the national curriculum and modern day pressures can leave us as parents and carers confused and unclear how best to help our children & young people.

As noted by the Department of Education, the benefits of parents and carers being actively involved in their children’s education are :

  • Child feels supported
  • The child feels confident in school, if the parent/carer is confident and positive about the school
  • It provides a sense of security for the child and if the child feels safe and secure they will learn more
  • Any worries or issues can be addressed quicker as the parents/carers have a positive relationship with school staff
  • They will learn more if encouraged and supported by home

Benefits for Parents and Carers

There are also benefits for us as parents and carers:

  • You feel involved with your child’s education
  • You know what they will be doing and who will be helping them.
  • You feel confident as you know your child is in a safe environment
  • You feel able to assist your child with their learning
  • You see your child progressing and developing
  • You will feel reassured that your child’s needs are being met
  • You will gain a better understanding of how the school works and the education your child is receiving

What we offer

Jogo Behaviour Support's family support is an integrated service that is designed to strengthen parenting practices and the healthy development of children. Our service:

  • Is family-driven
  • Is comprehensive, flexible and individualised to each family based on their culture, needs, values and preferences
  • Builds on strengths to increase the stability of family members and the family unit
  • Utilises informal and formal delivery models
  • Increases parent confidence and competence in their parenting abilities
  • Enhances and strengthens relationships within the family

"A confident parent equals a confident child." Our family support practitioners are highly experienced in supporting families whose children may be experiencing social, emotional, mental health and behavioural challenges.

Jogo Behaviour Support is able to provide:

  • Individual family support
  • Group family support
  • Training courses for parents and carers
  • Advice and guidance for parents and carers

For more information please contact us.

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