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Autism Support by Jogo Behaviour Support

Welcome to Jogo Behaviour Support, a dedicated service for fostering growth and development in children and young people facing social communication difficulties, including Autism.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where each individual can thrive and reach their full potential.

Autism Support – Overview

At Jogo Behaviour Support, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive autism support through our specialised training programmes and workshops for schools and families. Our goal is to empower educators, parents and professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to support children with social communication difficulties including Autism (ASD) effectively.

Training for Schools

We offer a range of training topics designed to enhance understanding and support for students with social communication difficulties, including Autism (ASD):

  • ASD Awareness including “The Autism Experience”
  • Understanding ASD and Anxiety
  • Understanding and Managing ASD and Challenging Behaviour
  • Using Visual Supports and Structured Teaching Methods
  • Developing Social Interaction and Understanding
  • ASD, Relationships and Sexuality
  • Developing Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Writing and Using Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations
  • Reasonable Adjustments and the ASD Pupil
  • ASD Pupils and Transitions
  • Autism-Friendly Environments
  • ASD, Attachment and Other Neuro-developmental Disorders

Workshops for Parents and Families

In addition to school training, we provide workshops tailored for parents and families to support them in their journey following a diagnosis and beyond:

  • Support Following a Diagnosis: Helping families navigate the initial stages after an ASD diagnosis.
  • Supporting Your Child with ASD: Practical strategies for daily support and managing challenges.
  • Enhancing Communication Skills: Techniques to improve communication between parents and children with ASD.
  • Promoting Independence: Strategies to encourage self-reliance and daily living skills.
  • Building Positive Relationships: Guidance on fostering healthy relationships within the family and social circles.

These workshops are designed to offer practical advice, emotional support, and a sense of community among families facing similar challenges.

Individual Pupil Support for ASD

At Jogo Behaviour Support, we provide tailored individual pupil support with a specific emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our comprehensive support process includes:

  • Observation: Conducting detailed observations to understand the pupil's needs and behaviours.
  • Consultation: Engaging with teachers, parents, and other agencies to gather insights and discuss concerns.
  • Report with Strategies: Producing a detailed report that includes effective, personalised strategies to support the pupil.
  • Direct Support: Offering hands-on support and intervention directly to the pupil.

Additionally, we are introducing Autism Surgeries for school staff, providing expert advice and strategies to support ASD pupils.

Please note, we do not conduct ASD diagnostic assessments.

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