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Human Clay

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A fun activity which develops relaxation skills and strengthens the relationship between parent and child.

Materials Needed


The Activity

Encourage your child to be a lump of clay and ask them to be as relaxed as possible. You are the potter and you are going to shape your lump of clay in to a sculpture.

Ask your child to allow you to move their body to the shape you want to create. Gently and slowly manoeuvre your child till you are happy with your shape. Take a photo of your child.  Then swap roles. 

Explore with your child how it felt to be moulded by someone.

Explain to them how it felt to shape them. 

The benefits of this activity:

  • strengthen the relationship between parent and child
  • build the sensory awareness
  • develop relaxation skills
  • increase trust
  • increase imagination
  • to have fun
  • develop play skills
  • develop emotional and body regulation
  • develop body awareness
  • develop concentration span

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