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Jogo Behaviour Support prides itself on being a leading provider of social, emotional, mental health and behavioural support solutions. We aim to empower schools, educators and families to create inclusive learning environments and support children experiencing behavioural challenges. We are committed to fostering positive behaviours and outcomes and we endeavour to assist every child in realising their full potential.

Vacancy: Educational Psychologist

The Associate Educational Psychologist will work collaboratively with our team to assess and understand the educational and psychological needs of the children we support. They will be instrumental in developing, implementing and assessing interventions and strategies to promote positive behaviour and learning outcomes.
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Vacancy: Play Therapists

This opportunity for Freelance/Associate Play Therapists is crucial to maintaining our capacity to respond to preventative & early intervention requests. You will have recent experience of providing therapeutic support to pupils and students with a range of additional needs.
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Delve into our range of services that encompass workshops, consultations, training sessions and ongoing support. From behaviour management to creating inclusive spaces, our offerings are designed to cater to all aspects of nurturing growth in educational settings.