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Magic Hat

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This game can be used with the whole family or with pairs. It can be used with all ages and is a hilarious game to play at family gatherings.

It is a game that is fun, cheap and can be played anywhere, i.e. at home, in the doctor’s waiting area or around the dinner table.

Materials Needed

None, but you can use a real hat if you choose to.

The Activity

How to play Magic Hat:

  • In your group, one person starts by pretending they have a magic hat on their lap.  They open the magic hat and pretend to take something out.  They then act out how to use the object.   
  • Other group members try to guess the object.
  • Continue until each member has had an opportunity to use the magic hat.


  • Have a real hat – this could be a ready-made hat or could be a magic hat that the children help create.  Provide a sturdy magic hat and it can be painted by the children or spray painted, and then make available different craft materials for the children to make their magic hat.  The magic hat can be decorated on the inside too.
  • For some children it may be helpful to add pictures of items or even the real item to enable them to begin.  This may be useful for younger children whose imagination is developing.
  • The magic hat can contain people, animals or characters, so the children need to act out their person, animal or character and the others can guess. 

Benefits of playing this game:

  • Develops children’s imagination 
  • Develops play skills essential for healthy development
  • Develops turn taking skills
  • Develops their cognition
  • Develops their role play skills
  • Develops their language and communication skills
  • Develops relationships and social skills
  • Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Develops sharing and waiting skills

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