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Family Story

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This activity is a simple activity that can be carried out round the dinner table, at the doctors, in the car, in fact anywhere.

Materials Needed

None - other than imagination.

The Activity

The first person begins telling the story however they want and when they have finished, the next person continues the story, taking up where the previous person left off.*  The story continues until everyone has had an opportunity to speak or the story concludes.  The story can be recorded or written down. (They are lovely to look back on in years to come). 

Variation: Each person draws their part of the story on a piece of large paper. Or it can be made in a sand tray.

The benefits of this activity are:

  • developing the ability to take turns
  • developing social skills
  • improving group work skills
  • to improve their ability to wait
  • improving their concentration
  • staying on task with the previous person
  • developing  imagination
  • developing internal constraints
  • improving the ability to make and maintain  relationships

* This is dependent on the child's age.  The younger the child, the less likely they are to be able to continue the story from the previous person.  Gently encourage this, by providing prompts to where the story had just finished.

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