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Cathryn Hicks – Play Therapist (Associate Consultant)

Cathryn Hicks

Cathryn is a Play Therapist and is a full member of BAPT.

Previously she worked as a teacher in mainstream and special education settings.

About Cathryn

Cathryn enjoyed working with children and found that the pastoral care of children and their wellbeing was of paramount importance. She recognised that if children were unhappy, they struggled to learn and make progress. In her experience she found it difficult to meet the wellbeing needs of the children due to the constraints of the curriculum so made the decision to leave teaching and become a Play Therapist. Consequently, she was then able to have children's wellbeing and best interests at the forefront of her mind.

As a Play Therapist, Cathryn works in a non-directive/child centred way, allowing the child to take the lead. She is also trained in Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) and Therapeutic Life Story Work and is keen to develop these further. Cathryn uses her experience as a teacher and Play Therapist to support her work with children and families. 

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