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The Story Treasure Bag

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This activity builds sensory awareness and storytelling skills

It also develops language and communication skills

Materials Needed

  • A fabric bag
  • A range of toys, such as animals, figures, vehicles, fences, trees etc.
  • Paper,
  • Craft materials and/or materials like grass, mud etc.
  • Colouring pens

The Activity

Ask your child to put their hand in the bag and chose a toy without looking. Ask them to describe the object by what they feel.  For example, it is hard, rough, scratchy, smooth, lumpy etc. 

Then ask them to create an environment for their toy. 

They can create it in any way that they want.  Sometimes your child might need suggestions or ideas to help them. 

The following questions may prompt their creativity. 

Story Treasure Bag
  • Where does their toy live?
  • How long has it lived there?
  • Do they live in a hot or cold place?

Once they have created their environment, ask them to tell you a story about the toy and where they live. You could write or record their story. (A lovely keepsake for their memory boxes.)

The benefits of this activity:

  • Strengthen the relationship between parent and child
  • Build the sensory awareness
  • Build storytelling skills
  • Develop language and communication skills.
  • Increase imagination
  • To have fun
  • Develop play skills

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