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Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

CPRT is designed to strengthen the relationship between a parent/carer and a child, and further develop parents' skills to enhance attachment and strengthen communication and boundary setting

What is Child Parent Relationship Therapy?

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Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a structured programme led by qualified Play Therapists, designed for children facing behavioural, emotional, social and attachment issues. At its core, CPRT recognises that a secure parent-child relationship is paramount for a child's well-being.

Through supportive group sessions, parents/carers acquire skills to respond more effectively to their children's emotional and behavioural challenges. The group setting fosters a supportive environment for parents/carers to address their parenting challenges whilst building mutual support among participants.

CPRT aims to enhance the quality of the parent-child attachment bond, ultimately reducing child behaviour problems and relieving stress within the parent-child relationship.

How is CPRT Delivered?

In CPRT, parents/carers are equipped with specific skills that focus on nurturing a secure attachment with their child and enabling parents/carers to understand better and respond to their child's underlying needs, thereby addressing symptoms. Parents/carers apply these skills in weekly play sessions with their child, receiving valuable feedback from a certified CPRT facilitator.

Our typical CPRT training combines various teaching methods such as presentations, discussions, live demonstrations and skills practice. Through CPRT, parents and carers learn to identify and respond to their children's feelings, practice reflective listening, set effective boundaries and boost their children's self-esteem.

CPRT is versatile, benefiting families with diverse backgrounds and situations, including stepfamilies, foster and adoptive families, those affected by illness and children recovering from trauma and abuse.

Explore CPRT with us at Jogo Behaviour Support, where we are dedicated to building stronger futures together.

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