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John Murray – Behaviour Support Consultant, Team Teach Principal (BA honours, Higher Diploma in Education, BPhil in Special Education, NPQH)

John Murray

John Murray is a qualified Teacher, Head Teacher-trained and a former Ofsted Inspector with over 30 years of experience of teaching in and working with schools and other agencies

The majority of John's working career has been based working with children and young people who are experiencing social, emotional, mental health, relational and behavioural challenges.

About John Murray

John has held a number of senior management roles within schools, including a special school, delivering training to support professional development for a wide variety of schools and other agencies on a range of behaviour management issues, plus leading and managing a team in the Local Authority while providing strategic direction and developing policy.  He has a consistent track record of working successfully with schools, other agencies, the staff who work in them and the Children, Young People and Families that they serve.  John was also the manager for NORPIP, which provided him with a clear knowledge base of Attachment Theory and its relevance. 

He is also an experienced trainer with an excellent reputation for designing and delivering courses that whilst providing a theoretical basis are very much rooted in the practical application of behaviour management and the techniques that support it. He has completed the NSPCC – Train the Trainer course and the CEOP ambassador training. 

John has been an Advanced Team Teach Tutor for over ten years and has recently been appointed as a Principal Team Teach Tutor. 

As founder and one of Directors of Jogo Behaviour Support, he wants to work closely in partnership with others in developing and providing services that are relevant to the needs of all those working with issues of behaviour.

Additional Training Courses completed

  • Team Teach Advanced Tutor
  • ACE Training Exclusions and Exclusions Appeals
  • NSPCC – Train the Trainers
  • CEOP Ambassador Training
  • Team-Teach Advanced Tutor
  • Leading an Empowered Organisation
  • Tribal Education Inspection Services – Section 5 OFSTED Inspector
  • NCC Website Authoring
  • PADP Training for Appraisers
  • Nurture Group training
  • Safeguarding & Child protection – regularly throughout my career

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