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Training and CPD by Jogo Behaviour Support

Our training courses are suitable for Education Staff, Health Staff Social Care Staff, Family Support workers, Play Therapists, Therapists, Counsellors, Police, Early Years Staff, Parents and Carers and anyone who is interested in supporting children, young people and their families.


Jogo Behaviour Support's training will provide you with greater insight and understanding of your pupils, thus enabling you to enhance the quality of learning, care and support you deliver.


Jogo Behaviour Support's training will enable you to meet the Continuing Professional Development requirements of your profession.


Jogo Behaviour Support's training will enable you to stay up to date with research and key theories, keeping your practice contemporary and in line with current thinking and legislation.


We offer training and continued professional development on three levels:


Level 1 — Skill Sharing with staff as part of a support package following a referral. This can include 1:1 work, group work or whole class delivery.

Level 2 — Custom Made Training or bespoke training packages. These cover a wide variety of areas, full details can be found in our custom-made training booklet and our website.

Level 3 — We offer a variety of Open Courses for a range of practitioners. Jogo Behaviour Support courses have a theoretical basis, however the emphasis is about providing practical skills and strategies.


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Bespoke TrainingBespoke TrainingBespoke Training



“Here's to the kids who are different, the kids with a mischievous streak; for when they have grown as history has shown it's their difference that makes them unique”


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