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Esther Schencks – Play Therapist (Associate Consultant)

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Esther is a fully qualified and accredited play therapist with the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT).

She is a qualified Nursery Nurse and spent 10 years working in primary education as a Learning Support Assistant/Nursery Nurse and one-to-one support for Special Educational needs.

About Esther

Whilst studying for a BSc Honours Psychology Degree Esther was fascinated by the Attachment Theory, the biological need for a child to seek proximity and emotional security from their caregiver in times of stress and threat. She observed while working in mainstream education that children who are living with powerful feelings of fear, anger, distress, anxiety or shame, show behaviours that are often misunderstood and inhibited their learning.

As a Play Therapist, using the non-directive Play Therapy approach Esther is committed to making a difference to children, helping them develop and become more secure, happy and confident. She believes wholeheartedly that given the right opportunities children can express themselves freely and learn to understand their own feelings, wishes and thoughts, relationships, hopes and fears.

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