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Services provided by Jogo Behaviour Support

Jogo Behaviour Support believes in the concept of Behaviour for Learning and that the process of effective learning can be interrupted by mild, moderate or severe behaviours which will undermine teaching, learning and achievement. 

“I do not view a child's behaviour, displeasing as it may sometimes be, as sickness. I view it as the child's evidence of strength and survival. A child will do what he can in any way to survive in this world. He will do what he thinks is the best thing to do to get through the job of growing up.”

Oaklander, V. (1988) Windows To Our Children:
A Gestalt Therapy Approach to our Children and Adolescents.
Highland, New York: The Center for Gestalt Development, Inc.

Effective learning

Jogo Behaviour Support believes effective teaching drives learning and learning is the outcome of effective teaching.  Effective learning is dependent on:

  • a relevant, creative, balanced and broad curriculum,
  • an appropriately skilled workforce who can facilitate learning,
  • a receptive group of highly motivated learners. 

For these reasons Jogo Behaviour Support is a service for the Pupils/Students in your school and the staff who work with them.

Programmes of support

Jogo Behaviour Support and the school can agree a programme of support on a variety of levels using a range of services over an agreed period of time.  All support packages will be delivered to an agreed Service Level Agreement or Behaviour Support package between the school and Jogo Behaviour Support. 

The services provided can be broken down into six areas:-

These services represent a solution built around value, transparency and flexibility.