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A Play Therapist is a practitioner who has completed either a BAPT (British Association of Play Therapists) course or a PTUK (Play Therapy UK) course.  Currently to be registered as a Play Therapist, they need to have completed a Masters Degree in Play Therapy and often have a background in teaching, social work or nursing.

Become a Play TherapistA Play Therapist will have a clear understanding of



A major competence of a Play Therapist is to be able communicate effectively with children, young people using play. 


The Play Therapist is bound by a code of ethical practice and is required to receive regular supervision and continued professional development. 


A Play Therapist will have



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“Here's to the kids who are different, the kids with a mischievous streak; for when they have grown as history has shown it's their difference that makes them unique”


Author: Digby Wolfe


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