Embodiment Play




The first stage of play (Jennings, S. 2006) is called Embodiment play which includes sensory play.  This generally begins during the first year of life and continues through their life time.  With this play, the baby uses their body and senses to explore themselves and their world.


Embodiment Play

From this stage these are a few skills they develop: 


  1. Ability to make and keep relationships (attachments)
  2. gross motor skills and fine motor skills
  3. Co-ordination
  4. Learn where their body begins and ends
  5. Balance
  6. Spatial awareness
  7. Language and communication skills
  8. Brain development


Below are a small number of activities that can help develop this stage.  As with all the stages, they can be developed at other times in life.




Reference: Jennings, S. (2006) Creative Play with Children at Risk Milton Keynes: Speechmark



“Here's to the kids who are different, the kids with a mischievous streak; for when they have grown as history has shown it's their difference that makes them unique”


Author: Digby Wolfe


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Embodiment Play