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5 Top Tips for Parents and Carers

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The tips below are aimed at fostering a supportive and nurturing environment while promoting good behaviour and essential life skills in children.

Quick Tips

1. Establish Routines: Children thrive on routines as they provide a sense of security and predictability. Establish regular times for meals, homework, play and bedtime. A structured environment can help reduce behavioural issues, as children know what to expect and what is expected of them.

2. Teach Problem-Solving Skills: Encourage your child to come up with solutions to problems they face. This empowers them to handle challenges and reduces frustration. Guide them through the process of identifying the problem, thinking of possible solutions, and evaluating the outcomes.

3. Offer Choices: Giving children choices within limits can help them feel a sense of control and independence. This can be as simple as letting them choose their outfit for the day or what snack they want. It also reduces power struggles and helps them learn decision-making skills.

4. Maintain a Calm and Controlled Response: When dealing with behaviour, it’s important to remain calm and not react with anger. A calm response sets a peaceful tone and is more likely to be mirrored by your child. It also helps you think more clearly about the best way to handle the situation.

5. Spend Quality Time Together: Regular, meaningful interactions with your child build stronger relationships and better communication. Engage in activities your child enjoys, talk about their day and show interest in their life. This positive attention can greatly reduce behaviour challenges.

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