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Activities to Support Young Persons

Activities to Support Young People/Teenagers

On this page you'll find some exciting activities for Teenagers and young people:

– Comic Strip Creation

– Exquisite Corpse Drawing Game

– Paper Engineering Challenge

Comic Strip Creation

Activities for young people - Comic Strip Creation
This is a great, cheap and fun game to play. Using just paper and pens, collaborate with your teenager to create a comic strip or a short graphic novel. Decide on a storyline together and then take turns drawing the panels and writing the dialogue. This activity encourages creativity and storytelling skills. You can add a twist by incorporating random elements that each person must include in their section of the story.

Exquisite Corpse Drawing Game

Activities for young people - Exquisite Corpse Drawing Game
This is a fun drawing game with a twist. Each person starts by drawing the head of a creature or character at the top of a sheet of paper, then folds the paper to hide their drawing, leaving only the end lines visible. The next person continues by drawing the torso and so on, until the entire figure is complete. When unfolded, the result is a hilarious and often surreal creature created collaboratively.

Paper Engineering Challenge

Activities for young people - Paper Engineering Challenge
Using just paper, pens, glue sticks and sticky tape, challenge each other to create the most innovative or complex structure using only paper and pens. This could be designing a paper bridge that can hold weight, a detailed architectural model or an intricate piece of paper art. This activity promotes problem-solving, engineering and artistic skills. Set specific challenges or limitations, such as time constraints or size limits, to spice it up.

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