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Snappy Alligator - Team Parachute Activity  Monday, 17 June 2019


Snappy Alligator
This fun team parachute game for all ages.
How to play:

All the children sit on the ground, holding the parachute by its edge.  Their feet are stretched straight out in front of them under the parachute. The players are gently moving the parachute up and down.  One player is the alligator and moves around under the parachute and snaps one person’s feet.  That player then swaps places with the alligator and moves to snap another player’s feet. 
The snapped player goes under the parachute with the alligator and they work together to snap more players.
Benefits of playing this game:

Develops children’s self-regulation skills
Develops play skills essential for healthy development
Develops working together skills
Develops their language and communication skills
Develops relationships and social skills
Develops gross motor skills
Develops sharing and waiting skills  
It is fun, cheap, highly beneficial and simple.


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