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Book Recommendation

The Invisible String
by Patrice Karst

This book is a wonderfully simple story about love and it reminds children that they are never truly alone.  The story starts with the children waking up scared by a loud crash of thunder and they run to their parent, who explains that even though she is next door, the children are not alone as they are connected by an invisible string that is made from love. She describes that you can’t see it, but you can feel it.  The story continues to describe who can be connected with the invisible string and how the invisible string remains connected even over long distances, including when someone has died.  When the children are missing their loved one, all they need to do is tug on their invisible string and their loved one will feel it.

This story is a useful story for children who are worried about being apart from their loved ones.  It can be used at any time, but may be of particular relevance when children are starting school, a loved one is going on a trip, following a loss or bereavement or a loved one is going to hospital. 

This book is a must for any nursery, classroom, therapy/counselling toolkit or home.  


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