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Getting to Know You Bingo Thursday, 12 June 2014


Getting To Know You Bingo

This game is a quick, simple game for getting to a new class/form to get to know each other.  It is great to use at the beginning of new academic year or during transitions.

To enable the children to get to know other pupils in a fun way.

Materials needed:

  • Getting to know you bingo boards
  • Felt tips pens
  •  Space to move about
  • Small prizes for the winners

How to Play:

Each child has a Getting to Know You Bingo board.  Ask the children to move around the room, chatting to the other pupils and finding people who can relate to the bingo squares.  They need to collect a different name for each bingo square. 

The winners are the first to fill their squares:

  • Four corner squares
  • Fill a line
  • A full house
  • The person who can point to all the children they have on their board.


For younger children, you could use pictures for the squares. 

Benefits of playing this game:

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