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Game Review - Rapidough – Tuesday, 20 December 2022




Rapidough is a fun game for ages 8+ years.  It is a team game like Charades, except instead of acting out the word, you sculpt it using the play dough.  The first team to guess correctly what their sculptor is creating wins the round. Guess too slow, and you lose some play dough.  Each team needs to be fast because each time a team loses, the winning team steals some of the other team’s play dough with the play dough plugger tool.  Teams can end up trying to sculpt with a tiny pea-sized piece of play dough.  Hilarious.

It is a fun and exciting game.  It is an easy game to learn, but sometimes it takes imagination to guess the model
.  In the haste to win, the model may not quite look like the sculptor imagined. 

The benefits of playing this game:

·       Develops imagination

·       Turn-taking

·       Tolerating losing

·       Managing emotions

·       Regulating behaviour responses

·       Encourages the ability to try and risk failing


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