The Behaviour Health Check




A behaviour Health Check can validate self-evaluation as well as identify areas for development. Ofsted inspectors must make a clear written judgement about behaviour in a school following an inspection. The purpose of this health-check is to assess the impact of the schools policy, processes and procedures on behaviour in the school, with reference to "best practice" and the current Ofsted framework. Once completed, the outcomes of this health-check can be used to inform the school development plans and priorities in terms of establishing how the school is performing at a given point in time and, critically, what is being done to further improve the implementation of behaviour policy throughout the school.


The health-check will look at:


What we will do


As agreed with you, the following key aspects of school practice will be assessed:


To be assessed
1) Leadership & Management (including safeguarding)
2) Strategic framework to support implementation of policy
3) Classroom management of behaviour
4) Provision and resources
5) Staff development and support
6) Liaison with parents/carers, other professionals and agencies


Each of these aspects will be awarded a rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold. Where applicable, an overall rating will also be awarded. In order to be awarded an overall rating, 6 aspects (not including attendance) must have been assessed.  Again, the ratings will be Bronze, Silver or Gold, but for exceptional schools that have had all six aspects assessed as Gold, a Platinum rating will be awarded.

Jogo Behaviour Support Health Check - Gold Award Jogo Behaviour Support Health Check - Silver Award Jogo Behaviour Support Health Check - Bronze Award

In addition to the ratings, we will provide a summary of our findings along with a defined pathway to move your school to the next level in respect of the aspects assessed. 


Assessed ratings are valid for a three year period and the school can opt for a re-assessment to achieve the next level at any stage in this period.


How we will do it

For each aspect assessed we will issue you with an Intervention Form. This form will list a number of sub criteria against which we ask you to provide us with details of any interventions you have in place to satisfy the aspirations of the sub criteria.


Our bespoke approach to the assessment will be determined by the schools responses.  This can involve remote desktop evaluation of requested additional documentation.


It will not be possible to perform a desktop evaluation on all the interventions that you cite on your Intervention Forms due to their nature, i.e. they may not be formally documented. In addition, our initial evaluation of additional documentation may raise issues for clarification. It will therefore be necessary to visit the school in order for us to reach a conclusion on the effectiveness of behaviour management.  When on site, the following methods may be used to determine effectiveness:



To help us complete the work in line with the timescales below and to minimise the impact we have on the school we ask that you return any additional documentation by the agreed date and ensure that any relevant information, systems access (if necessary) and people are made available to us during the course of the assessment day.


Downloadable Leaflet


You can download a pdf version of our Whole School Support Leaflet here.





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