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Advent Calendar

Jogo Behaviour Support Advent Calendar

We are excited to introduce our daily Advent Calendar, an enchanting journey filled with delightful surprises to enhance your holiday season.

Each day, as you unveil a new door on our calendar, you will find a world of fun and joy waiting for you. From engaging activities that bring us together to exquisite recipes that add sweetness to your days and playful games that ignite laughter and forge unforgettable memories - we have meticulously curated each surprise to elevate your festive mood.

Let us count down to the holidays with enthusiasm and happiness, sharing these precious moments with friends and family. Join us in this festive adventure and let the wonder of the season unfold with each day.

Please come back in December so you can read our exciting Advent articles
Advent Calendar Day 1

Dec. 1st

Spark the children's imagination and teamwork skills by guiding them through the process of writing and performing a short holiday-themed play or skit. This collaborative ...
Advent Calendar Day 2

Dec. 2nd

Engage children in a daily dose of fun and brain-teasing challenges with an Advent Challenge Calendar. This interactive activity encourages critical thinking, problem-solving ...
Advent Calendar Day 3

Dec. 3rd

Embrace the holiday spirit and count down to the festive season by organising a themed dress-up day for each day of advent. This creative and fun-filled activity encourages ...
Advent Calendar Day 4

Dec. 4th

Take children on a nature walk to gather natural materials that will be used to create a beautiful festive centrepiece. This activity combines outdoor exploration with ...
Advent Calendar Day 5

Dec. 5th

Engage in a creative and hands-on activity by building either a gingerbread house or a miniature winter village. This activity combines artistic expression with teamwork, ...
Advent Calendar Day 6

Dec. 6th

Organise an exciting and immersive holiday-themed scavenger hunt or treasure hunt that challenges children to solve clues, follow a trail and discover hidden surprises. This ...
Advent Calendar Day 7

Dec. 7th

Get into the holiday spirit with a playful workshop and craft exchange designed for teachers. This activity combines creativity, laughter and camaraderie, allowing teachers to ...
Advent Calendar Day 8

Dec. 8th

I did this in primary school and loved learning about the different traditions.  I created a scrapbook about it and remember thoroughly enjoying making it.     ...
Advent Calendar Day 9

Dec. 9th

Engage children in a delightful crafting session where they create their own holiday-themed ornaments using various materials. This hands-on activity encourages creativity and ...
Advent Calendar Day 10

Dec. 10th

Spread joy and cultivate an attitude of giving and gratitude by creating a "Kindness Calendar."  Each day leading up to the holiday season, engage in thoughtful acts of ...
Advent Calendar Day 11

Dec. 11th

To engage pupils in a creative and festive activity where they can write letters to Santa Claus or create holiday wish lists, fostering imagination, writing skills and holiday ...
Advent Calendar Day 12

Dec. 12th

Organise a lively and entertaining talent show where children can showcase their unique skills, whether it's singing, dancing, or performing magic tricks. This activity boosts ...
Advent Calendar Day 13

Dec. 13th

Create an engaging and interactive virtual storytelling session where children take turns sharing their own imaginative stories. This activity encourages creativity, public ...
Advent Calendar Day 14

Dec. 14th

Embark on a cosy and educational journey by reading a different winter or holiday-themed book every day. This activity encourages a love for reading, explores diverse stories ...
Advent Calendar Day 15

Dec. 15th

The Ferrero Rocher Energy Balls recipe offers a nutritious and delicious snack option, inspired by the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolates. These energy balls are a blend of rich ...
Advent Calendar Day 16

Dec. 16th

 This fun and playful activity is designed for teachers and parents to re-energize and unwind before the holiday rush. A “Holiday Scavenger Hunt” involves ...
Advent Calendar Day 17

Dec. 17th

This spinach and feta stuffed mushrooms recipe is nutritionally valuable, offering a rich blend of vitamins, minerals and protein, ideal for promoting healthy eating habits in ...
Advent Calendar Day 18

Dec. 18th

Welcome to the festive and fun activity of creating a Festive Countdown Chain. This engaging craft is perfect for children and families to anticipate the excitement of ...
Advent Calendar Day 19

Dec. 19th

Get ready to explore and create with Advent Nature Walks, a delightful activity that combines the joy of nature with the spirit of the holiday season. This adventure is ...
Advent Calendar Day 20

Dec. 20th

This roasted butternut squash soup recipe is a delightful and nutritious choice for teachers and parents, offering a warm, comforting dish rich in vitamins. Its preparation ...
Advent Calendar Day 21

Dec. 21st

Create a “Festive Family Time Capsule” as a playful, fun and inexpensive activity for parents/carers and children to do together during Christmas. This activity ...
Advent Calendar Day 22

Dec. 22nd

The Gingerbread Smoothie is a festive and nutritious beverage option for teachers and parents, blending the classic flavours of gingerbread with the health benefits of a ...
Advent Calendar Day 23

Dec. 23rd

Warm spiced apple juice is a delightful and aromatic beverage that's perfect for teachers and parents to share with children, especially during the colder months. It offers a ...
Advent Calendar Day 24

Dec. 24th

Cranberry Almond Energy Bites are a nutritious and easy-to-make snack, ideal for busy parents and teachers looking for a healthy option for themselves and their children. ...

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